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Are you a filmmaker who wants to change the world?
Are you as comfortable in front of the camera as you are behind it?
Do you dream of adventure?

We're looking for you.

The adventure

Three duos, made up of a filmmaker and a director of photography will travel Canada for a month and a half, relaying to discover the citizens' initiatives that are transforming our country.

The filmmakers chosen to participate in the adventure will have the opportunity to meet citizens who improve their community and to create short documentaries telling their stories *.

They will also share their journey in front of the camera by creating short videos recounting their adventures on the path of this great social exploration.

Their creations will then be broadcasted on the new Luminance social engagement platform to mobilize all Canadians who aspire to a more humane and collaborative society.

In the summer of 2018, the three filmmakers will jointly create a feature-length documentary highlighting their discoveries and the great history of social transformation experienced during their journey.

As compensation, filmmakers will each receive:

  • $ 6,000 worth of money in addition to being lodged and fed during their journey.
  • A percentage of the revenues from the socio-financing of the web series.
  • The opportunity to play a central role in creating a community of citizens aspiring to improve the society in which we live.

* Post-production of these 5 to 10 minutes documentaries will be supported by the Luminance team of Montreal.

To apply, fill-in the registry form below that will require:

  • A simple Presentation Video web link of you, telling us why you’re the best candidate (max 1 min.)
  • A Director Demo Reel web link (max 2 min.) or a link to your website
  • Your Social Media feeds

Submit your application between May 29th and July 15th 2017 and have the chance to travel across Canada to discover the citizens' initiatives that are changing our country.

If you do not meet all the criteria but you want to use your talent to change the world, send us your application (without checking the box concerning eligibility requirements). We may need you later along the way!

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